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About Adam

Behind the Scenes of C4H

Our Mission

Connections4Hire is an outsourced business development firm focused on building mutually-beneficial relationships for business owners. Our mission is to build business connections that foster long term success for our clients.

"Our team is focused on building, developing and maintaining business relationships" - C4H Team

About Adam Holtzer

"I love creating mutually beneficial business connections."

Adam is passionate about working with business owners who are motivated to find new ways to improve their results. He provides strategic advice in the areas of business development, sales, marketing and advertising. However, Adam’s greatest strength is the ability to connect his clients to meaningful opportunities, which deliver stronger results and greater efficiency.

Since 2010, Adam has practiced in the area of business development. He successfully partnered with a digital marketing and advertising agency, helping them grow from a team of 5 to a team of 19 in under 3 years. The outcome of this partnership led to a revenue increase of 400%, while expanding the overall business brand.

Because of Adam’s contagious enthusiasm for building relationships and making connections, colleagues often refer to him as ‘the master connector.’

- Adam Holtzer

"We help businesses connect & develop professional relationships through outsourced business development." - Adam Holtzer, Founder / Master Connector

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