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Let's Connect

How We Do It

The value of a quality connection

Relationships Before Business

Connections4Hire is selective with who they represent. Prior to working with a potential client, Connections4Hire will conduct an extensive discovery meeting to ensure a fit to both parties. The first step in being a potential client of C4H is that the client is coachable and willing to change.

1. Discovery Stage

  • Learning your business and becoming familiar with your processes and operations.

  • Actively listening to the business owner and their team to discover business development strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

  • Getting to know your desired connections; such as targeted customers, vendors and strategic alliances.

The Road To Success

We reaccess and review our roadmap and game plan to stay on track. This is a living organism that will have twists and turns, but gets us closer to the “end in mind.”

2. Road Map Stage

  • C4H will design a road map of vetted and qualified business connections customized for each specific client.

  • This road map is a living document that will be adapted and modified throughout the business partnership to ensure the path of success.

  • Connections4Hire is entrenched in numerous networking engagements, therefore keeping our ears to the ground for new business opportunities for our clients.

Execution Time

Once the business development road map is created, Connections4Hire will strategize the implementation process. C4H will collaborate with the client to ensure optimized results.

3. Implementation Stage

  • C4H will implement the business development road map.

  • We will make tailor-made business connections for our clients to earn new business opportunities and build strategic business partnerships.

  • C4H will track, follow up and coordinate the business development road map progress with our clients.

Business Beliefs

Connections4Hire believes in mutually beneficial business relationships. In order to deliver quality results, C4H partners with business professionals who meet certain standards and criteria. This enables both parties to receive successful outcomes from business partnerships.

We Promise

  • Relationships Before Business

  • Delivering Quality Products & Service

  • Being Part Of A Greater Cause

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