February 23, 2021

Our Reputation Is Our Net Worth

Perception is reality, and we know that. 

People buy expensive clothes, luxury-brand shoes and expensive haircuts. We care a lot about how people view us.

But the way you look can only help outside perception so much. The truth is that our reputation is built by who we are as people. 

We only get one reputation. This is what defines us as people. Our reputation is almost like a badge we wear around but can never take off. No matter how much we try.

But while most people care about their outside appearance and influencing others’ perceptions in that way, few are constantly aware that who we are as people is always influencing our reputation.

The reputation that is our net worth. 

Our Business Reputation

A reputation can make or break a business professional, as well as an entire business. 

Huge companies spend millions of dollars to influence their reputation. They invest in expensive commercials during prime time T.V. They publicly donate thousands or even millions to charity. They have entire teams dedicated to their public relations. 

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t have that luxury of being able to “buy” our reputation. Therefore, our reputation is built in other ways.

Our reputation is built with every interaction we have. In business, you often only have a few minutes to build your reputation with someone.

It only takes a few seconds to leave a bad taste in someone’s mouth when connecting. Things that may hurt your reputation in your connection’s eyes are: 

  • Immediately pitching the other person
  • Not paying attention when the other person speaks
  • Scrolling through your phone while they are talking. 
  • Being obviously inauthentic

The other way our reputation is built is through the work we deliver. By consistently delivering great results to your customers, you will build a positive reputation without making much effort.  

A friend of mine said that if you do quality work, you won’t have to market or advertise yourself because your customers will do it for you. 

Business professionals, as well as people in general, must become more aware of their reputation.

We cannot escape the reputation we build. Therefore, we must build it consciously and wear our reputation like a badge of honor. 

At the end of every day, ask yourself:

      Would I have enjoyed working with myself today?

      Would I have fired myself today?

      Would I be happy if I was a client of my own today?


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