June 25, 2020

Success Through Connections

Since the beginning of time, connecting has been the root of human success.

People working together begets human development. This has been true since the first human civilizations and remains true today with a rapidly expanding global marketplace. Our ability to connect with one another presents great opportunity. People are most effective when they collaborate.

The importance of making connections is often lost for business professionals. Most business professionals either don’t understand the importance of making mutually beneficial connections or they simply do not make the time to properly connect.

Efficiently building and maintaining connections is not a developed skill honed by many. If you do not efficiently build your network, you will be missing out on potential opportunities you do not even know exist.

Dale Carnegie, author of How to Win Friends and Influence People, understood the value of connections in business. Carnegie explained that Charles Schwab, founder of the Charles Schwab corporation, owed almost all his success to his “personality, his charm, his ability to make people like him.” The Charles Schwab Corporation is among the largest financial services companies in the world, so it would be logical to think that Schwab’s knowledge of finance or business acumen would explain his success. Rather, it was Schwab’s ability to develop meaningful relationships that made him rise above his competitors.

Those who create meaningful relationships have more opportunity to rise to the top. This may be more relevant in today’s world than ever before. You are not able to choose your family. You do select your inner circle. I’ve always said “a reputation is our net worth. Who we choose to surround ourselves with is a reflection not only on our reputation, but on our paths to success.”

The importance of developing business relationships is clear, yet most professionals don’t make the time to build onto these relationships. A study conducted by the Referral Network observed the networking habits of over 12,000 professionals. Of those who believed networking has had a positive impact on their business, an average of six hours per week was spent participating in networking activities. Those who did not see a positive result from their networking spent only two hours or less per week developing their network. If you have not seen success from your networking endeavors, you are most likely not devoting enough time or being inefficient with your allocation of time.

Those who received a positive impact from their networking spent an average of over six hours per week focusing on it. Dr. Ivan Minser suggests a company spend eight-to-ten hours networking per week if they wish to be great. This time adds up.

Many business owners struggle to make time for networking and when they do, they often feel they are taking away valuable time from other aspects of their business. Making connections may seem like a tedious chore to some, but it is an absolute necessity for those who want to rise above their competitors.

One does not have to spend much time studying successful people in history before realizing that being able to interact well with others is a major component in their success. Jokingly we have all heard, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” Those who put sufficient time into developing their network are creating great business opportunities. Those with meaningful connections will create mutually beneficial opportunities, so the question becomes, are you making the most out of the connections you have developed?


Not everyone is good at building connections. At Connections4Hire, connecting is our business. We pride ourselves on creating new business opportunities through mutually beneficial connections. Let us help you develop connections into business.

You know your business. Connecting is our business.

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