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The C4H Reputation

Our Reputation Is Our Net Worth

"I've had the chance to work with Adam side by side for over a year. He is a true professional and has the ability to make everyone in the room feel important and necessary. One of his greatest talents is bringing people together for win-win-win opportunities. He is a "Great Connector." - Jimmy Newson

"Connection4Hire has mastered the art of facilitating business relationships that benefit both parties. Our company has tapped into both C4H's vast connections to increase sales and for their business development consulting, which has impacted how we build out our sales & development tactics. I would highly suggest using C4Hservices for increasing business." - Dean DeCarlo

"I am proud to be a client of Connections4Hire. I can directly attribute C4H's involvement in my business to new clients I am now working with. " - Mitchell York

"Adam is a trusted resource in my network and is definitely a great person to get to know. If you are unsure how to go forward with a business development effort, I'd definitely start by talking with Adam. I'd recommend getting to know him, his network and hearing more about his company, Connections4Hire!" - Larry Drago

"What I enjoy the most about working with C4H is that they use the information they learn about their clients to make meaningful connections. When C4H makes an introduction it is always value-added and will typically result in some type of benefit to his clients." - Steve Korman

"C4H’s founder, Adam Holtzer is hands on, dedicated, aggressive, and extremely accessible. I highly recommend Connections4hire to any companies or business professionals seeking to grow their network and business. In short, C4H has been a game changer helping me increase my business." - Paul Bartels

"Whether your business needs customers, strategic alliances or simply some increased visibility, Adam can leverage his network strength in a cost-effective and low-touch way for you as an owner.

I highly recommend him for any project having watched him work tirelessly for clients with a level of integrity and character that is rare in business today. Being aligned with Adam and the Connections4hire team will simply pay dividends.
" - Tristan Keeffe

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