December 22, 2020

The Best Investment Is In Me

A connection of mine reached out to me after seeing a LinkedIn post I wrote regarding coaching. “Why do you invest so much time and money into coaching?” he asked.

There isn’t one single answer to that question.

I invest in many types of coaching: business development coaching, sales coaching, personal coaching. All of these positively impact my life in a different way.

“Hmm, let me see how I can answer that as succinctly as possible,” I responded.

I reflected.

The ultimate reason I invest in myself is so to be a better me.

Not just for my own sake – but so I can be a better person to my family, my clients and my network.

I finally had my answer. “I invest in myself so I can invest in others.”

Why Coaching?

“Who exactly seeks out a coach? Winners.” – Chicago Tribune

I pursue coaching to help me become the best version of myself. Simple as that.

“Why not just read a book?” I’ve been asked.

Books are great. I have probably learned more from books than any other medium. Books can’t provide the same value coaching does.

Coaching is an extremely personalized form of learning. In a book, the author is speaking to a general audience. A coach is tailoring the experience directly to YOU.

Instead of teaching somebody, coaches guide someone down the path to realization.

Business Coaching

Coaching’s most prevalent use is in business. Its applications vary widely:

  • Business development coaching
  • Sales coaching
  • Diversity coaching
  • Executive management coaching
  • And many more

For small business owners, coaches present an outside, experienced opinion.

You work on your business tirelessly and have a strong emotional connection to it. A coach, who is a bit more distanced from the business, will have a completely different perspective.

With an objective mindset, he or she may find problems or opportunities that you were blind to.

Coaches also have experience working with a variety of businesses and business owners. This gives them a unique perspective on business as a whole.

A coach who has worked with many businesses will have a better understanding of the ubiquitous factors to success than you, who has spent all your time working only on your business.

Coaching is not limited to business owners. Companies who encourage or require coaching for their employees see great results.

According to a study from the International Coach Federation and the Human Capital Institute, 62 percent of employees who have been coached rate themselves as highly engaged.

Respondents from the same study reported the following benefits from coaching:

  • Improved team functioning.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Improved employee relations.
  • Faster leadership development.

No matter what role you play in a business, there are benefits to coaching.

Personal Coaching

There is no true work-life balance. Have a bad day at work and you’ll be sure to think about it at home. Bad news comes up at home and you can try your best to avoid it, but it will affect your work.

This is why personal coaching not only helps your personal development, but also professional.

Personal coaching usually involves improving one’s emotional intelligence, setting goals, time management, among many other functions.

The results are a more defined path in life as well as reduced stress and anxiety.

While your family and friends are there for support, they will often hide the full truth. Think back to how many times your parents said “you did great,” but deep down you knew they were protecting your feelings.

Personal coaches offer unbiased support. They will call you out when you do something wrong. They will offer you solutions. They will hold you accountable.

Coaching has become one of the more important aspects of my life.

I can safely say that without coaching, I would not be at the point I am right now in my career as well as personally.

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