October 13, 2020

Turning a Passion Into $$$

Why do I love business? There are a few reasons to consider.

Sure, I love the process of business – deciding on messaging, finding a target audience and preparing a message to present to that audience. I also love the relationships you make in business. None of these are the reason I love business.

The reason I love business is the ability to take a passion and share it with the world. This is what I have done with my own business and what I hope to inspire other entrepreneurs do themselves.

I recently spoke with Haley Pence, a 2020 college graduate who has set out to fulfill her passion for fashion into a career with the Tom James Company. Speaking with an inspired young professional helped me discover why I love business so much in the first place.

The drive to turn passion into $$$

Without passion being the driving factor, business becomes dull and boring. Everybody has those days where they feel lazy. Working on something you are passionate about will keep you motivated to work hard, even when you’re not quite feeling like it.

It is important to reflect on your passions. When founding Connections4Hire, I took a good hard look at myself to discover what I was truly passionate about. I realized many of the things I thought I was passionate about – money, status, etc. – were not as important as I thought. Once I concluded I was passionate about making mutually beneficial connections, the rest flowed naturally – money and status followed.

i just want to help people

A similar period of reflection helped Haley realize her true passions. She was watching the television show Friends with one of her college friends when her friend paused the program and asked “what do you want to do with your life?”

This question set off some alarms in Haley’s head. She had been previously involved in marketing, so marketing would be the easy answer. But Haley knew there was more to it than that. After some reflection, Haley realized that what she really wanted – “I just want to help people.” Having combined this desire to help others with a passion for fashion, Haley has found herself in the perfect position at Tom James Company.

Intrinsic Drive

Even if you are not working towards your passion, you should have some sort of intrinsic drive that motivates you. Your intrinsic drive is the reason you keep doing what you are doing – financial motives aside.

Being a young professional, Haley is very impressive in that she is aware of her intrinsic drive. Many young professionals, including a younger Adam Holtzer, become laser-focused on the money and nothing else. This was a recipe for disaster.

Haley is aware that money comes and goes, so she makes sure this is not her main drive. Her intrinsic drive comes from wanting to make her father proud and live up to his name.

Was your business founded with a passion? Connections4Hire was founded to help passionate business owners get to the next stage in their business development. See how we can help you get one step closer to making your passion a reality.

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